The intake procedure for the base year will be held in spring and summer 2020. During the intake, you will be tested on various subjects.

Intake preparation

  • Fill in the registration form as soon as possible.
  • You will receive an e-mail telling you in which city you will do the intake.
  • Send us any diplomas and certificates you have.

Round 1: written tests
Monday 6th of April 2020
You will be tested on Dutch, English and Maths and complete a questionnaire about your prior education.

Do you want to study for the math test? In that case, we recommend this book. Also take a look at our practice papers.

After the tests have been checked, you will receive an invitation for round 2 or receive advice about an alternative education route.

Round 2: interviews
End of April / May 2020
You will be invited for interviews and/or orals.

Based on your diplomas, written tests and interviews, it will be decided whether you are suitable for the base year.