The base year is an education programme for refugee students wishing to start a higher education course. You take classes in Dutch, English and Maths to prepare you for the admission exams for your chosen study. You also develop academic skills and receive support in your choice of study. The base year is offered jointly by Tilburg University and Boswell-B├Ęta (Utrecht). You attend the intake and the base year in the city nearest to your home town. This keeps travel expenses as low as possible.

After passing the base year, you will have the following certificates:
Staatsexamen NT2 programma II
IELTS (score 5.0 or higher)
VWO Mathematics B James Boswell or CCVX

The base year is supplemented with modules to support your study career. Click on one of the institutions below for more information about the programme contents.

Once you have successfully completed the base year, you can request admission to a wide range of studies. Another option is to take additional courses (physics, chemistry, biology, English C1, Dutch C1) which you need for admission: the specialisation programme.